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Jan Froněk, Ph.D.

I appreciate about coaching that it acknowledges both rationality and feelings and can therefore lead to a mindful life.

I studied Adult Education and Personnel Management at Charles University in Prague, one year of psychology in Germany and attended professional training in CZ and abroad (e.g. conflict solving, intercultural education, leadership styles, certified training in coaching, Systemic Psychotherapy and Psychological Coaching, Systemic Team Development, etc.) I respect the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

I ran training for the service industry (hotels, banks, IT), for manufacture companies, managers, students. I specialize in communication psychology and creative problem solving tools. I teach at Charles University (Peer Group Supervision, Selected Topics in Social Psychology: Soft Skills).

I am fluent in Czech, English and German. I also speak basic Spanish and French.

I enjoy working with wood and earth. And making crazy dreams come true.

I worked with Jan on my development plan and thanks to his guidance I was able to achieve my goals and to improve the performance in my daily work. He also helped me changing the perspective I had of my goals by mentoring me on the direction of giving it positive approach. He never tried to change the way I do things, but to help me focus in my strengths and this made me see that I am able to achieve even more than I think I can do.

It was a real pleasure working with him and I would love to have the chance to continue working with him in the future.

Ingrid Becker, Summit Media

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