Kamila Petrovská, M.A.

“I like coaching. It fills me with energy and brings me joy. It evokes questions and teaches a lot. About the power of dialogue. About the possibilities of change. About the fact that life is good as it is, and that future can be as we want it to be.

Career Background

Active life and responsibility education (methodologist, lecturer, school council´s coordinator – CEDU, o.p.s.).

Foreign language teaching (teacher of French and English)

Project management (EU project “Respectful school council”– CEDU, o.p.s.)

Coaching experience

Coaching of school management (Centre for democracy in education, o.p.s.; AISIS, o.s.) language coaching for individuals (Coaching Atelier) Coaching for individuals in individual topics (Coaching Atelier)

Special Education

Coaching training (Odyssey Performance Enhancement Network) Gestalt training in approach to clients (Institut pro výcvik v Gestalt terapii) Women’s rituals training (Barbora Nádvorníková, in progress)

Foreign Languages

English, French, Spanish


Language coaching (for faster, more efficient and joyful foreign language learning)


“I got to know Kamila. I want to thank her for being: kind, always smiling, perceptive, never arrogant, I could trust her, she gave me advice without advice, she always found ways how to discuss the important things, she was very understanding. THANK YOU and look forward to our next cooperation.“ Zdeňka Vávrová, Zátor Nursery and Elementary School